Articles of the Registration Board

The established objectives,- for the registration requirements as a Professional Builder under the Institute are as follows:
(a) To regulate the registration of and disciplinary control of professional conduct of registered Professional Builders.
(b) To provide professional recognition for competent construction professionals.
(c) To provide confidence by setting an identifiable benchmark in the competence of Professional Builders.
(d) To raise relevant standards in the management of the construction process.

Constitution of the board
A Builders Registration Board (the Board), established under the Institute’s Professional Builder Registration Regulations (the Regulations) as approved and resolved under the AGM held on 13 October 2015, is responsible for the registration and disciplinary procedures of Professional Builders. Professional Builders who are registered can use the title of “Registered Professional Builder” or the abbreviation “Br.”.

The Board shall elect a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman every two years interval amongst the Appointment Committee’- under the Board- . Each nominated Chairman and Vice-Chairman may not hold office for more than two consecutive elections.
The Board shall meet at least once every 6 months and whenever necessary to transact the business of the Board.

Functions of the Board
(a) To establish and maintain a Register of Registered Professional Builders (the Register);
(b) To set and review the qualification standards of registration as a Registered Professional Builder and related registration matters;
(c) To advise the Institute on registration matters;
(d) To examine and verify the qualifications of persons who apply for registration as Registered Professional Builders;
(e) To receive, examine, accept or reject applications for registration and renewal of registration status as a Registered Professional Builder;
(f) To deal with disciplinary breaches in accordance with the Regulation;
(g) To keep proper records of disciplinary proceedings and accounts; and
(h) To carry out such other functions as these Regulations may prescribe.

Advantages of Registration
a) By setting the qualification requirements as set-out herein, the Institute has set a benchmark to which Professional Builders can aspire towards as a means of demonstrating their professional competence to other professional industry groups and to the public at large.
b) Clients will have confidence that their projects are in competent hands because Registered Professional Builders must achieve a reliable standard of ability and experience.
c) Consultants will have a greater degree of certainty over the management competency of the construction process, with increased assurance that design specifications will be executed as intended.
d) Contractors can utilize an in-house list of Registered Professional Builders to demonstrate and promote corporate professionalism and gain market advantage.
e) Registered individuals gain distinctive professional recognition regarding their experience and expertise amongst the successful veteran of construction professional under a defined regional benchmark.
f) Registered membership can also promote self-esteem for individuals and enhance competition within the construction workforce, thus raising standards of the workforce in the long-run.

Qualifications for Registration
The Board shall register a person as a Registered Professional Builder where the Applicant meets the following requirements:
(a) Corporate Membership of the Institute for not less than 2 years; and
(b) Satisfaction of the Board that the Applicant has had 2 years of relevant professional experience in the building industry before the date of his application for registration; or
(c) The Applicant:
(i) is an Authorized Person or a Registered Structural Engineer; or
(ii) is a Registered Architect, Registered Professional Engineer or Registered Professional Surveyor ; or
(iii) is a degree holder of an Authorized Signatory of a Registered General Building Contractor; or
(iv) has obtained an accredited University Doctorate degree in building/civil engineering or equivalent as recognized by the Board; or
(v) has successfully passed the assessment upon completion of a designated Registration Professional Builders Top-up Course arranged by the Institute; and
(d) Satisfies the Board by declaration in writing that he is competent to practice in construction management; and
(e) He is a fit and proper person to be registered.

Application for Registration
(a) A person may apply for registration as a Registered Professional Builder in such form and manner as the Board may specify.
(b) An applicant shall pay to the Board at the time of lodging his application and with the application fee for registration.

Registration is valid for five years and is renewable thereafter. A registration fee ($1000) is charged for every application and a Certificate of Registration or Renewal of Registration will be issued.

A person on the Register is entitled to describe himself as a “Registered Professional Builder” and to use the initials “Br”.

The Board may by notice in writing terminate a registered person’s appointment under the circumstances as follows:
The registered person:
(a) Has become bankrupt or has entered into a voluntary arrangement with his creditors within the meaning under the Bankruptcy Ordinance (Cap 6).
(b) Has become so incapacitated by physical or mental illness as to be unable to carry out his duties as a member.
(c) Has been sentenced to imprisonment, whether suspended or not, by any court or magistrate;
(d) Has been found guilty of a disciplinary offence; or
(e) Notwithstanding any of the grounds above for removal, is, in the opinion of the Board, unable or unfit to carry out his functions as a member of the Institute.


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